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A word from our President

From tragedy to the exercise of human rights of people with disabilities

Often, people think that to live with disabilities is an obligatory tragedy, a great misfortune. One believes whereas the person is his/her disability. That the person is just an auditive or visual impairment, a diagnosis and not a child, a man or a woman with his/her identity, his/her history, his/her insecurities and his/her choices.

But today, this has changed. The United Nations reminded us that people with disabilities have the same human rights as anybody else. That it is the obstacles existing in our living environment which limit the social participation of people with differences.

The person is not reducible to its disabilities. Disability is the difficulty in doing what a person wants and disability changes according to our environment. Disability is when my environment does not consider my differences in educating my children, studying, working, or attending a show.

This change from personal disability to social disability is a revolution. Why? Because it asks us to think of how it is possible to improve the realization of daily activities which are desired and valued by each person.

This revolution is a great challenge for all, the disabled people, the families, the rehabilitation professionals and all the political leaders in our society.

It asks of us to contribute to the development of an inclusive society. An open society, respectful society of the differences of disabled people just as the other differences in the population. A revolution which is only possible is we are true partners.

To better understand the difference to change the world

Patrick Fougeyrollas