This section of INDCP website introduces the assessment tools entited Assessment of Life habits (LIFE-H) and Measure of the quality of the environment (MQE) and the various electronic and printed versions available. Information on the ways of acquiring these assessment tools is also provided.

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The International Network on the Disability Creation Process (INDCP) has contributed for more than ten years to the development, the validation and the diffusion of assessment tools based upon the Human Development Model - Disability Creation Process (HDM-DCP) conceptual model. Among these instruments are the Assessment of Life habits (LIFE-H) and the Measure of the Quality of the Environment (MQE).

Characteristics of the LIFE-H and MQE assessment tools

Although the LIFE-H and MQE assessment tools evaluate different conceptual domains from the HDM-DCP, they still share common characteristics:

  • They can be administered to all the persons with disabilities, no matter the cause, the nature and the severity of their disabilities.
  • They are designed to assess the respondent’s perception, in regard to the influence of the environment (MQE) or the level of accomplishment of their life habits (LIFE-H). 
  • They rely on a clear segmentation between the “personal factors”, “environmental factors” and “life habits” conceptual domains.
  • They recognize the existence of an interaction between these three conceptual domains

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