International Classification

The international Classification : Human Development – Disability Creation Process (HDM-DCP) contains the Disability Creation Process (DCP) conceptual diagram, the life habits, environmental factors and personal factors conceptual domains definitions, as well as their taxonomies.

This reference document is useful for classifying information available in a coherent way, respecting the principle of mutual exclusion of concepts, which is central to the HDM-DCP.

What is a classification?

A classification can describe an area of knowledge such as human development and disability. It systematically divides the elements (taxa) into categories according to inclusion and exclusion rules and common characteristics in order to facilitate their study and use.

What is a conceptual diagram?

A conceptual diagram is a graphical representation of the HDM-DCP. It aims to order, categorize and simplify the various conceptual domains and to illustrate the applicable relations to the quoted ensemble. The conceptual diagram has a pedagogical aim and is useful in facilitating the generic comprehension of the disability phenomenon according to the HDM-DCP. It is used as heuristic reference point in order to guide applications in diversified domains.

What is a conceptual domain?

A conceptual domain is an ensemble which gathers several connected concepts, for example the “identity factors”, the “organic systems” and “capabilities” in the personal factors conceptual domain.

What is a nomenclature?

A nomenclature is a classification system of the various concepts used to understand a phenomenon, for example disability. It makes it possible to determine the nature of the hierarchical relations existing between the concepts belonging to a same conceptual domain, for example the “tools” finding itself in the “physical factors”, which belong to the conceptual domain of the ”environmental factors”.

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