A Word From the President

Photo de Jean-Pierre Robin, le président du RIPPH

To find the words, and speak …

Words produce and carry meaning. They translate our representations of reality as well as our interpretations and apprehensions for all that compose our world, known or unknown.

In this sense, the vocabulary we use to describe the singularity of individuals in our society speaks not only of our knowledge but also of our capacity to welcome the other with all the richness of their differences. The same applies to social participation and disabling situations experienced by people with organic abnormalities, which possibly result in a limitation of capacity.

The INDCP is an organization which understands the fundamental importance of words. For more than 30 years, the contributions of the INDCP led to tremendous advances in disability knowledge and improvement of the social participation of people with disabilities.

The scientific rigor of the INDCP, its systemic vision and its deep commitment to the defense of human rights has attracted a very large number of collaborators, from all horizons, and from every continent.

Together, they discussed, analyzed, shared, wrote, and published. Whether they were speaking individually or collectively, promoting or even advocating for rights, reviewing access and support practices, transforming environments to be more inclusive, the benefits of these actions had deep and continuous impacts.

Strong from this channel of communication which it helped create, the INDCP is a vector of social change, it offers a basis for sharing clear, precise language and whose neutrality preserves against discriminatory and reductive interpretations of the body or mind of people with differences. It accompanies people and organizations who want to be inspired to … Better understand differences and change the world!

Jean-Pierre Robin, president of INDCP