A Word From the President

“I have agreed to take over the reins of INDCP in June 2022, replacing Jean-Pierre Robin who, after having served as President for several years, wished to hand over to another Board member. I would like to thank Jean-Pierre for his loyal service as President and I am very happy that he will continue his involvement in the Board.

In October 2022, the Board members met in Quebec City for three days of reflection and discussion to establish our three-year plan for the next three years (2023-2026). What a pleasure to meet in person after these years of restraint! The last exercise took place in 2018 and it was more than time to meet to update our orientations and to foresee the important challenges ahead. Our discussions were organized in workshops according to INDCP’s missions, namely 1) support to knowledge development (research); 2) knowledge dissemination (training and the Aequitas journal); 3) promotion of human rights and 4) international networking. In addition, a fifth workshop was held on the organisational and administrative aspects of the INDCP. Each workshop leader presented a state of affairs, the prospects and the means envisaged to pursue our missions.

Throughout these three days, ideas abounded and in order to go further and specify our objectives, it was decided to continue the discussions in small groups within the framework of committees. Thus, three committees were created: the Human Rights Committee, the Knowledge Development Committee and the International Committee. These are in addition to the existing Education Committee, the Aequitas Magazine Committee and the Human and Financial Resources Committee. Each committee has the mandate to propose objectives for the next three years. The pooling of the proposals of all these committees will constitute our three-year plan 2023-2026. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank all the people who volunteer on the Board of Directors, as well as the members of our permanent staff and all our trainers in Quebec and in Europe.”


Line BEAUREGARD, president of INDCP