Application Fields

Using the HDM-DCP may help organizations harmonize their language, programs and practices, and this, so as to set the bases of a coordinated action from policies to services, and meeting the expectations and needs of people with disabilities and their families.

The field of definitions

The definition of disability retained by the United Nations’ Convention on the rights of person with disabilities is completely compatible with the one proposed by the HDM-DCP. The same definition applies for the Quebec government policy À part entière : pour un véritable exercice du droit à l’égalité  adopted on June 4th, 2009.

The field of applications

Several rehabilitation centres for physical and intellectual disabilities use the HDM-DCP and the assessment tools (LIFE-H and MQE) developed from the Quebec Classification: Disability creation process. Their goal is to identify strategies and develop interventions aimed at improving the social participation of people with disabilities.

The field of education

Several colleges and universities offer training programs in special care, psychoeducation, social service, rehabilitation and occupational therapy teaching the use of the HDM-DCP and its applications in their professional practice.

The field of service organisation

The HDM-DCP was employed to define the guidelines and priorities of intervention of Quebec’s policy “À part entière : pour un véritable exercice du droit à l’égalité (2009)”, It was also employed for the evaluation of the attainment of social participation aims of the concerned private, public, parapublic actors such as “Centres intégrés de santé et services sociaux (CISSS). In addition, several municipalities over 15 000 inhabitants, such as Victoriaville, Baie-Comeau and Quebec took, as a starting point, the systemic approach and the concepts of the HDM-DCP in order to propose policies, programs and services without obstacles.

The field of statistics and investigation

The LIFE-H, an assessment tool developed from the Quebec Classification, has been recently integrated in the Quebec Survey on Activity Limitations, Chronic Diseases and Aging. This populational survey aims at collecting information on the quality of social participation of people with disabilities and seniors.

Let us know about your applications of the HDM-DCP

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