Become a Trainer

The INDCP is always looking for new trainers

We are constantly looking for trainers interested in giving the following trainings:

  • Human Development Model – Disability Creation Process (HDM-DCP)
  • Life Habit (LIFE-H)
  • Individualized Intervention Plans (IIP)

Position: Trainer
Place of work: Regions of Quebec and / or Montreal (other regions from time to time)
Status: Self-employed contractor
Availability: During the week and according to the training on the calendar (the dates will be established in advance with the institution and the trainer, according to his availabilities).


  • Good skills to entertain a group and communicate
  • Knowledge of the Human Development Model – Disability Creation Process (HDM-DCP) and its applications
  • Autonomy and dynamism
  • Teaching experience, according to one of the following situations *:

– Have a minimum of 135 hours of training in knowledge transfer methods. This may include, for example, training in pedagogy, andragogy or trainer training;

– Experience of at least 250 hours as a trainer. This experience corresponds to any activity allowing the transmission of knowledge in a structured way, for example from a specific training plan, a course syllabus or a methodology defined in advance;

– Have a minimum of 90 hours of training in methods of knowledge transmission and a minimum of 100 hours of experience as a trainer, regardless of the professional fields in which the training hours were given.

  • Being or becoming an individual member of the RIPPH
  • Commit to participate in the annual trainers update meeting
  • Be prepared to follow the various stages of the accreditation process for trainers

* In accordance with the accreditation requirements of the « Service de l’agrément de la Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (Emploi-Québec) ».

Steps in the accreditation process for trainers

  1. Follow or have already completed the RIPPH trainings (HDM DCP, LIFE-H and IIP)
  2. Participate in an orientation meeting for the accreditation process as a formator of the RIPPH
  3. Review and control the contents of the following documents (available at RIPPH):
    • Le Processus de production culturelle du handicap : contextes sociohistoriques du développement des connaissances dans le champ des différences corporelles et fonctionnelles
    • The Quebec Classification: Disability Creation Process
    • La Funambule, le fil et la toile : Transformations réciproques du sens du handicap
  1. Produce an article based on the development of a PPH implementation exercise in the field of your choice
  2. Knowledge Monitoring Meeting
  3. Attend a training session with an experienced RIPPH trainer
  4. Conduct a full training session with observation and support from an experienced trainer


  • Experience working with people with disabilities.
  • Interest in making arrangements with institutions or groups for the organization of training.

Working conditions

Remuneration: Fees for the training day
Travel, meals and accommodation expenses reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

If you would like to take up this challenge, send us your resume with a cover letter. Applications should be sent by e-mail to: [email protected]