Call for Articles

Each issue of the journal represents a different theme. If you are interested in one of the themes of a journal in redaction or it is in your field of expertise, you can send us an article.

We invite you to consult the Editorial Chart and Instructions to Authors before submitting your article. These documents will allow you to know the editing rules for the journal of Human Development, Disability and Social Change, while providing some tips on how to write a scientific article.

Call for Articles…

The theme for 2022 and 2023 are :


Spring 2022 : Hors-thème



Winter 2022 : REIACTIS

Call for papers submitted to conference participants in 2020.


Spring 2023 : 4e Colloque Franco Latino Américain de recherche sur le handicap

Français – Appel à contribution revue AEQUITAS – 4eColloqueFLA

PORT Chamada de Trabalhos Revista AEQUITAS – 4eColloqueFLA-Port

ESP Convocatoria de articulos revue AEQUITAS – 4eColloqueFLA

Instructions aux auteurs – 2021

Portugais – Instruções às autoras e aos autores

Espagnol – Instrucciones a los autoes


Winter 2023 : handicap et environnement

AEQUITAS_Appel à Articles-Call for papers_CLIMAT et HANDICAP_12_oc



Submit a letter of intent

First of all, if you would like to submit an article to the Human Development, Disability and Social Change journal, we ask that you send us a letter of intent containing the following information:

  • Tentative title of the article
  • The name(s) of the authors and their contact information
  • The issue for which you want to submit an article
  • The methods used
  • A summary of the proposed article and keywords

Please send the informations to: [email protected]

Assessment Process

All articles submitted for publication in the journal are first sent to the journal’s editor-in-chief. He or she will then ensures that the article proposed corresponds to the letter of intent previously sent, and that it fits with the topic of the issue requested and the journal’s orientation. If the article is rejected at this point in the assessment process, the author(s) will not be able to have the decision reviewed by the editor-in-chief.

If a proposed article is accepted, it will go on to the second stage in the assessment process: peer evaluation. Two evaluators will be asked to read and comment on the text using a double-blind method. They will also be asked to ensure the article respects the provisions in the Author’s Guidelines

Once the evaluations have been sent to the editor-in-chief, a summary of the comments is prepared to be given to the article’s author(s). Certain changes to the text may be recommended or required to be done within a one-month period before the article will be accepted for publication. When a new version of the article is required, a second peer evaluation process will be undertaken.

The editor-in-chief may decide to accept or reject an article at any time and recommend that style or content-related changes be made to it.

Submit an off-topic article

If you want to submit an article that does not fall under the theme of the Human Development, Disability and Social Change journal, it is possible to do it at any time. You just have to submit your article at : [email protected].

Once your proposal has been received, the editor-in-chief will look at it. Subsequently, you will get a response that will tell you if your article is accepted, refused or if there are changes to make to it.