Individualized Intervention Plans

To complete this training, you must have previously completed the HDM-DCP training.

Training on the Individualized Intervention Plan (IIP) enables participants to better understand the major steps in carrying out an individualized intervention plan and its usefulness. It also aims to explain how to set objectives to reach in terms of life habits and manage the interventions required to meet the needs related to the person’s personal factors or environmental factors. The training also starts participants thinking about the concept of a person’s life plans and issues of planning, organizing and coordinating services to accomplish common activities and the related social roles.

This training is provided by one of the certified trainers from the International Network on the Disability Production Process. It lasts 6 hours or it can be offered in customized form.

Training Objectives

  • To define what is an IIP and what are its principal characteristics and functions.
  • To situate the IIP approach inside its historical context, as well as in relation to Quebec’s ministerial policies and orientations.
  • To take the Human Development Model – Disability Creation Process (HDM-DCP) into account inside an Individualized Intervention Plan.
  • To master and test out the nine steps of an IIP.
  • To become aware of positive factors supporting the implementation and the evaluation of IIP.
  • To link IIP, program evaluation and customized information systems.

Benefits of IIP Training

Participants in this training are made aware of the principles underlying carrying out an IIP and become familiar with its major steps. They understand the usefulness of setting objectives for common activities and social roles, and for identifying personal factors and environmental factors that may have an impact on their accomplishment

Participant profiles

Participants in this training come from a variety of fields including education, labour, health and social services, public administration and disability rights organizations. These participants are the most involved in:

  • Clinical programs development, management, and intervention dedicated to persons with disabilities;
  • Clinical evaluation and intervention plans;
  • Policies and programs evaluation, and planning
  • Advocacy
  • The development of an inclusive society and universally accessible

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