To complete this training, you must have previously completed the HDM-DCP training.

The Measure of the Quality of Environment (MQE) is an assessment tool used to assess the perceived influence of environmental factors on carrying out daily activities and fulfilling social roles of individuals while taking into account their abilities or personal limitations. The MQE training enables participants to better understand this assessment tool as an assessment of the quality of the environment and its use.

This training is provided by one of the certified trainers from the International Network on the Disability Production Process. It lasts 6 hours or it can be offered in customized form.

Specific objectives

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Locate environmental assessment in the process of adaptation-rehabilitation and support for social integration;
  • Know the concepts underlying the development of the EQM and its metrological qualities;
  • Know the content of the different categories of environmental factors and experiment the assessment scale of the quality of the environment;
  • Link the environmental assessment with the prioritization of rehabilitation goals;
  • Discuss on possible uses of the assessment tool in clinical programs.

Participant profiles

Participants in this training come from a variety of fields including education, labour, health and social services, public administration and disability rights organizations. These participants are the most involved in:

  • Clinical programs development, management, and intervention dedicated to persons with disabilities;
  • Clinical evaluation and intervention plans;
  • Policies and programs evaluation, and planning
  • Advocacy
  • The development of an inclusive society and universally accessible

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