The INDCP is constantly looking for researchers and professors in the fields of adaptation, rehabilitation, social participation and the exercise of human rights by people with disabilities. If you are interested in peer-reviewing scientific articles on a wide variety of topics, join the peer-reviewers team for the Human Development, Disability and Social Change journal.

Please contact our team and tell us what topics interest at : [email protected]

Responsibilities of a peer-reviewer

Peer-reviewers must submit to the INDCP clear, relevant comments that will help the author(s) improve the article structure or content. Please note that the INDCP may not contact you every year for your services. However, we will keep your information on file as long as you want to be part of the peer-reviewers team.

In order to be able to review an article the peer-reviewer must not have participated in the research project or redaction of the article they are participating in or articles they are asked to peer-review. Also, he or she must inform the INDCP if they know the author of the article that they are asked to peer-review.