The Caring-HDM-DCP applies to all the fields that receive or are affected by people with disabilities (education, health, rehabilitation, community organizations, etc.). The Caring-HDM-DCP training aims to equip nurses with the Caring-HDM-DCP integrator model so that they are able to better support the social participation of users in the various life contexts (home, accommodation, hospital care, adaptation, rehabilitation, etc.).

This training lasts 7 hours. It will be given by Brigitte Boivin, a nurse who has more than 30 years of experience in the field of nursing. During her many years in the field, Ms. Boivin has worked with multiple people with different diagnosis and ages. In addition to her Bachelor of Science degree and three certificates in various disciplines, she also has a Master’s degree in Health Organization Management and Development and a Postgraduate Diploma in Chronic Pain.

Training Objectives

  • Know the theoretical foundations of the Caring-MDH-PPH integrator model;
  • Develop skills in using Caring-MDH-PPH;
  • Reflect on Caring-MDH-PPH’s applications in their interpersonal relationships in their living and working environment.

Participant Profiles

The Caring-MDH-PPH course is designed for all those working in the field of nursing, whether clinicians, managers or students.

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